It can be a bit of a nightmare sifting through all the different technical terms of hosting a web site but here we hope to make it a little simpler to understand the differences between and help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing your next web hosting provider.

What is the cloud?

To put it simply it is 100’s of powerful computers working together instead of one standalone computer. The advantages of this is high availability, with multiple computers working together enables redundancy and scalability. Opposed to a standalone computer is there is a hardware malfunction it may cause your web site to go down. I won’t bore you with all the technical details but that is the nuts and bolts of cloud hosting.

Does that mean standard web hosting is bad?

Absolutely not! however you’re limited to the web hosting provider resource limits and if they need to upgrade the server it can cause down time and your web site may be offline for a short period of time. So you have to weigh up the risks.

Does Coast Hosting use the Cloud?

Yes we do! We have our own cloud servers and utilize Linode’s cloud network this allows us to scale resources when needed to make sure your web site load extra fast.


Coast Hosting are one of the cheapest cloud web hosting services around. We provided unlimited space and great uptime performace for your web site. For more information on our hosting services please get in touch either by our contact page or live chat! Alternatively you can sign up now for cloud web hosting from $4.99 per month here

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