You may have noticed when searching through features of a web hosting provider you will often see features like Unlimited Space or Unlimited bandwidth. Generally speaking, Unlimited bandwidth is okay in our opinion as this gives the customer peace of mind that their site will not be shut down if they hit a certain limit.

On the flip side when a provider offers Unlimited Space this is just not possible. Most providers that offer very cheap rates often have what’s called an INODE limit. An INODE limit is a setting web hosting providers set per web hosting account. So rather than having unlimited space, you’re limited by how many files are on the server.

For example, if your website contains 2000 images and the total size of your website was 10GB and the INODE limit was set to 1024 you would effectively hit the limit of your hosting plan, making the term Unlimited Storage false. However, if you only had 900 big files which were 25GB you would be okay.
So when looking for a hosting provider you need to determine how much space you’re going to use vs how many files your website may contain.

Here at Coast Hosting, we have different plans to suit different needs but all our plans have no file limit which means you can upload as many files as you wish up to the storage limit of the plan you’re on.

We at Coast Hosting offer custom packages as well, so if you need something and our plans don’t fit your needs please send us a support ticket here! Or use our Live Chat.

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