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We Support All Major Web Applications​
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Simple Pricing

Pick the plan that best suits your needs. You can always upgrade at a later date if you need to!

* We have plenty of premium bandwidth for our hosting services and we do not measure bandwidth. In very rare circumstances if you do use an excessive about of bandwidth we will work with you and your needs.

Accepted Payment Methods

We Accept Apple Pay and Credit Card Payments

Value For Money!

Satisfaction guaranteed!

SSL Secure Payment

We use Stripe's secure payment gateway and no credit card information is stored on our servers.

Amazing Features Come Standard

Fast SSD Storage

All hosting services are run on pure SSD hard drives which allows your website to load extremely fast.

Free SSL Certificates

Every domain hosted automatically gets a free Let's Encrypt Certificate.

1-Click App Installer

If you are new to web hosting, you might find creating a web site takes a lot of time. But with a click of a button the installer does all the work for you!

Free Automated Backups

We store a copy of your web site offsite daily so you can be sure your data is safe in case of the unthinkable.

Free WordPress Migration
Already have a WordPress site? We will migrate it for free!

Small Wave

$2.99 p/m

Perfect for most small blogs and personal web sites. Paid Yearly

Mid Wave

$5.99 p/m

Suitable for most mid-sized web sites great for business use or those needing a bit more space

Large Wave

$9.99 p/m

Suitable for larger websites with a lot of image content.

Free Website Migration Service
Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question?

We get asked a lot of questions so we have listed the most common questions below.

Generally speaking, once payment has been accepted, your service is set up within minutes.

We are a New Zealand based company with worldwide ambitions.

Our data centre is located in Singapore

We love working with our customers. Just open up a support ticket from your client dashboard.

At this time we do not, you will need to register a domain with a domain registrar.  If you need help to link the domain to your Coast Hosting we are happy to help.

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