The term ‘Shared’ is pretty self-explanatory. It is a single server sharing its resources with many other websites. Depending on the server specifications a single website can serve well over 500+ websites. Some web hosting providers can do this by limiting resources per web hosting account, this is what makes it possible to host so many websites as each user is limited to the number of resources they’re allowed.

Are there any differences between WordPress hosting and normal hosting?

You may have noticed some web hosting providers offer WordPress plans, this is a marketing technique and there is some truth to it but you need to ask questions. Key things to ask a web hosting provider are the differences between the plans resource-wise. Most of the time they will advise you that you get more CPU power and I/O speed. We talk more about system resources in this blog here. If this is the case it’s warranted as WordPress if not developed correctly can be memory hungry. Here at Coast Hosting, our resource limits are very generous so any plan you choose will be perfect for any website you wish to host.

When is it time to go to a VPS or Dedicated server?

If your website is drive more the 20,000 visits a day it would be good to start looking at a VPS. Some shared hosting plans are perfectly capable of delivering that sort of traffic you just need to check the system resources assigned to your account.

If you’re unsure what should do or need help to navigate setting up web hosting for your site please get in touch!

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