I’m sure if you type in Google ‘Best Web Hosting Provider’ you will get a huge array of results and everyone one of them will say they’re the best. Heck, even we do! :). But let’s dive into what makes a good web host as not all web hosting providers are equal. So let’s try and break it down.


It’s ingrained in our minds the cheaper the better but this is not always the case. Don’t get us wrong your site will likely load fine however the speed that it loads for visitors around the world may differ and the more visitors you get the worse it might get. It’s important to ask the provider some simple questions which I will list down below in the performance section.

SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly, Duda?

You may have come across these sites offering an all in one solution and the ability to design your website, but be wary of these sites. The monthly fees are often more costly and there are limitations if you want to sell online as that is another service you have to pay for. We always say build for the future, imagine if your website went viral and you had lots of visitors to your site this is when you need the ability to scale.


We all hate slow websites and it’s very frustrating when they don’t load properly this can be due to several things, poor web design or bad hosting location and overloaded servers. Most of the time shared hosting is adequate for most personal and small business websites. Shared hosting is when you’re sharing the hosting server with many other websites, thus makes it cheaper. But many cheaper providers oversell their shared hosting platform. 

For example, a server hosting 2000 websites will be less responsive versus a server hosting 500 websites.

So what questions do I need to ask my future hosting provider?

What System Resource Limits do you have?

Typically a hosting provider will give you a whole lot of specs but the one to look out for is I/O, CPU, Memory you will find a lot of hosting providers offer around 2MB-4MBps I/O. In our opinion no shared hosting should be below 10MBps I/O this allows for growth. Here at Coast Hosting, we offer 80MBps. 

The next thing is CPU and Memory you should have at least 100% CPU and 1GB memory this should be perfectly adequate.

After Sales Support

It is good to consider what happens if something goes wrong or you need help with your website. Some providers offer Live Chat Support which can be helpful but be careful with these as some are just hired help and do not always know how to fix an issue. It pays to ask a few questions before purchasing to give you confidence that you will get ongoing support should you need help


These are some just basic questions you can ask a provider when searching for your next web hosting service.

Here at Coast Hosting, we pride ourselves on performance and customer service. Please reach out if you have any questions to our sales team.

You can find a list of all the hosting plans we offer here

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